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Martin, Elliott & Snell P.C., is located in Tualatin and serves families and business in the Portland metro. Our law firm is home to some of the longest practicing attorneys in the area. Every lawyer at our firm shares the same commitment to helping the people in our communities find resolutions to their legal issues. Since 1985, we have been a law firm committed to your legal needs. Our longevity in the legal community has earned us credibility and respect among local judges and lawyers. They know we are willing to do what is right for our clients and our community.

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Handling A Range Of Legal Issues

  • Estate litigation: It is all too common for families to dispute wills and other estate planning instruments when it comes down to who is getting the assets. Our lawyers help our clients set things right and get the best resolutions possible.
  • Estate planning: Our attorneys can help you establish a comprehensive estate plan that will transfer your wealth and provide for your future well.
  • Family law: We can help you with all types of family law issues, including divorce, child support and custody, spousal support and child custody and visitation issues.
  • Personal injury: If you have been hurt in an accident, our lawyers can help make sure you receive fair and adequate compensation for your losses.
  • Criminal defense: Our attorneys can provide strong defense against a range of criminal charges, including drug charges, drunk-driving charges, theft charges and traffic violations.
  • Employment law: We represent employees in discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour and other related claims.
  • Business and real estate transactions: Our attorneys provide sound counsel throughout the purchase and sale of real estate or business interests. We will use our wealth of knowledge and experience to make sure your interests are protected and strive for the best deal possible in your case.

In addition to these practice areas, we are problem solvers who provide skilled representation in matters involving mediation, negotiation, arbitration and litigation. With our experience, we can protect your rights using the method that is appropriate for your case.

Community Involvement

Martin, Elliott & Snell P.C., really is your neighborhood law firm. We sponsor Little League teams and Scouting BSA in Tualatin, and we are a regular part of our local community’s day-to-day life. Our focus is on helping our friends and neighbors around us.

If you have a legal problem of any kind, all you have to do is reach out. We will help you understand your options.

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