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Understanding Estate Planning

You may not have considered estate planning before, but everyone could benefit from it. When you meet with an experienced attorney like ours at Martin, Elliott & Snell P.C., you will have the opportunity to preserve your legacy. We bring 30 years of experience in helping you understand the complicated world of estate planning and ensure that your assets are handled the way you want.

Working With Wills And Trusts

When you work with our attorneys to create a will or trust, we will help you understand what you should think about including. We can walk you through the different pieces of your estate, discuss your specifications, and help you decide what type of estate planning is best for you.

Taking Care Of Your Loved One’s Estate

Our attorneys will help you ensure that the estate of your loved one is taken care of after their passing. In probate, we will assist you in working with courts to transfer property from the deceased to the proper beneficiaries.

Appointing A Guardian Or Conservator

We will assist you in appointing a guardian or conservator to care for you in the event of a disabling health condition, to care for an adult disabled child, or to oversee assets given to a minor.

Deciding Your Power Of Attorney

Our lawyers can also help you appoint your power of attorney, who will make decisions for you if you are unable. We will walk you through the types of financial and medical choices you can make for yourself.

Work With Tualatin’s Longest Practicing Attorneys

We create long-term relationships with all our clients to ensure that your estate is taken care of. Our attorneys help you understand which type of estate planning will function best for you and then work with you to make sure it is carried out according to your wishes.


If you are looking to begin your estate planning or need assistance when a loved one has passed, call us in Tualatin at 503-868-5057 or contact us via email.